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Sunday, 8 May 2011

An Award

I have been given this award by my sister Kate, thankyou Kate. Now I am supposed to give it to seven other recently discovered blogs and tell you seven random things about myself. Well to start with I have only just started looking at blogs so all are newly dicovered to me, However there are some which have caught my eye , so will list my chosen seven in a minute, but first here are seven random things you may not already know about me.
1. I am second youngest in a family of eight, the eldest is 84 and the youngest 63.
2. I have two grown up children, a son and a daughter and three grandchildren aged between 17 and 20.
3. I love making and swapping ATCs, and have quite a large collection of them,
4. I am a rubber stamp addict, I can't seem to stop buying them even though I already have loads.
5. I host a small craft group at my house once a week in order to share some of my considerable stash and pass on craft tips that I've learnt along the way.
6.  I could happily live without television.
7.  I enjoy reading a good book.

Now that you are in posession of that useless information, here is my list of awards.
 1. Lavinia at Kitchen Table Crafts
2. Wendy at Wendy'sArt and Craft Journey
3. Yvonne at Meggy's Way
4. Sandra at Is That The Time
5. Dianne at Butterflies and Bees
6. Anita at Crafty Me
7. Esther at Crafty Effusions

 If you feel able to accept the award, please tell us seven random things about yourself and pass the award on to seven other recently discovered bloggs. You can right click on the image to save and then repost it on your own blog.


  1. Hi Jean - thanks so much for the award it's very kind. Welcome to blog land where if you're anything like me you'll lose hours ! I too am a rubber stamp addict..Happy crafting, Esther xx

  2. Thanks very much Jean. Am off to rack my brains to fulfil the requirements x Lavinia

  3. Thank you Jean, I'll have to get my thinking cap on now!
    Dianne. x

  4. Thankyou Jean, will have to ponder my answers as well. Yvonne x