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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Alphatags Return

Hi every one, back at the start of the year I said I would try to get  a picture on here of all the tags that I received in the Chocolate Baroque Alphatag swap that I took part in last year,and here it is.It has taken me a while because I couldn't find a way to take a photo of them altogether and realised that the only way was with a computer generated collage.I didn't have any idea how to do this, but after a helpful Skype chat with my sister last week and a few hours playing about I came up with this. So now I am trying to think of a good way to display this lovely collection. I would love to have them on open display but as my craft area is in our conservatory I find the bright sunlight in the summer months makes things fade too easily, so I will have to make some form of
                                                                                                       album for them. At present they are in a                        
rather classy  chocolate box, and do really quite like having to open something up to take a look at them.

On the left here is a collage of all the tags I made including the ones I didn't get round to blogging at the end of the year. Neither of the collages are in alphabetical order because I just let the computer shuffle the photos about till I was happy with the result.

It was fun taking part and made for some great camaraderie  amongst the participants. I include a special mention to Margaret who organised the swapping, and did a great job keeping us all on track and encouraging us with great photos of all the tags every month.
Thank you for taking time to have a look.


  1. Hello Jean, these tags are just soooooo beautiful. I marvel at the pretty designs and details. And how clever to create a collage on the computer.

  2. Well done Jean! I'm glad I managed to sort you out photo-wise. There'll be no stopping you now! Don't they look lovely all together like that? It's a great collection. I was put off making these because I could not display the finished pieces anywhere in my sunny room, and I would struggle to fit another album on a shelf too, but they are too precious to not store properly so I am sure you will find a solution. Kate x

  3. I wouldn't even know how to go about skyping let alone making one of these collage things - lovely to see all of them together. I agree with you that there really was an amazing sense of camaraderie with that swap & incredible seeing how differently people interpreted the same letter of the alphabet.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Oh my gosh, I really wouldn't know where to start with a computer generated collage (I don't know how to skype either!), in fact, I think you're really brave to even try, lol! They look fabulous all together Jean, and so much beautiful inspiration.

    Maria xxxxx